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Meet the Doctor

Get to Know Doctor Federico Drachenberg

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Dr. Federico Drachenberg

Family Dentist & Orthodontics

Dr. Federico Drachenberg graduated from Dental School in 1987,
but his experience in the dental field began before attending Dental School. Working in his father's private practice during his adolescence, helped him discover his passion for restoring the oral health of others, in the same caring way that his father always did. Upon graduating as a Doctor in Dental Surgery, he furthered his education by specializing in Orthodontics in 1994. Dr. Federico Drachenberg is known for being a caring, honest, and thorough dentist with the most gentle of touches. He has served thousands of families in the SouthBay area for over thirty years and has provided service to other parts of the world through his ministry with The Flying Samaritans.

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