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Serving the Families of San Diego Since 1998

Our Services: Our Services
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Preventative Dentistry

We take pride in educating our patients on the importance of a healthy diet and good dental hygiene habits.


This orthodontic alternative allows for a more aesthetic approach to aligning teeth. The removable aligners facilitate proper hygiene.

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We offer Orthodontic treatment for the whole family. Our goal is to help you achieve your most beautiful smile, by aligning your teeth to their most cosmetic and functional position.

Teeth Whitening

This cosmetic treatment 
results in a more beautiful, youthful, and brighter smile.

Perfect Smile
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Fillings & Crowns

At Dr. Drachenberg's office, we take pride in restoring our patient's teeth, using the most modern dental techniques and materials, to address your personal concerns and needs. Tooth-colored fillings and crowns are an excellent way to restore the aesthetic appearance and function of your mouth.

Gum Health

Patients who suffer from gums or periodontal disease must get professional dental cleanings three times a year. Schedule an appointment today, and we will take care of all of your dental hygiene needs.

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Slim Guards

These removable devices are great for patients with clenching habits. Slim guards help prevent damage from grinding, such as teeth wear and fractures, and alleviate jaw pain.

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